Cash and cheque deposit changes

Learn about the changes NAB are making to cash and cheque deposits

Updated 4 April 2022

The National Australia Bank (NAB) have made some changes to their cash and cheque deposit process. For most NAB customers, these changes came into effect late last year, however for CDF clients, these changes will be implemented over the coming months. Here’s a summary of the changes, including some frequently asked questions (FAQs), a User Guide and a video explainer.

What’s changing and when?


  • Cheques no longer accepted via deposit bags (from 4 April 2022)

Cheques are no longer be accepted in Express Business Deposit (EBD) bags. Cheques can still be deposited via the NAB Express Cheque Deposit Service.

Express Cheque Deposit envelopes and instructions can be found at your local NAB branch.

  • New online deposit form to replace paper deposit slips
    (from 4 April 2022)

The paper deposit slips have been replaced with an online deposit form, which can be accessed via the ‘forms’ button on the CDF website home-page. The new online form is accessible to anyone, with no login details required, and can also be completed via a computer, tablet or mobile device.

This form will need to be completed prior to depositing cash bags at a NAB branch.

  • New CASH-ONLY deposit bags (from 4 April 2022)

The existing deposit bags and paper deposit slips can still be used until 31 July 2022, however only cash can be placed inside the existing bags, and the paper deposit slips must be used alongside the ‘old’ bags.

The ‘new’ cash-only bags no longer contain a non-cash compartment. These new bag will need to used when completing the online deposit form.

These new cash-only deposit bags can be ordered from 4 April via your local NAB branch or directly through the CDF Customer Service team.


  • Minimum cash deposit exemption (Date TBC)

A minimum deposit amount of $500 will be introduced later this year for any deposit bag containing notes. This change did come into effect for most NAB customers in 2021, however CDF clients have been granted an exemption until further notice. More information and updates will be issued over the course of 2022.

 The new deposit process:

CDF understands that some of these changes will have a significant impact on many clients. While it may present some challenges, please understand that we are working in collaboration with our partners to find solutions that better cater for every one of our clients in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I access the new online deposit form?

Where can I order new deposit bags?

  • New deposit bags can be ordered via your local NAB branch or directly through the CDF Customer Service team. A reminder that if using the new bag, from 4 April, the online deposit form must be used as well.
  • Upon ordering, you will need to nominate a delivery address as the bags will no longer be available for pick-up within NAB branches.
  • When ordering your express business deposit bags, you will need to tell CDF/NAB branch:
    1. the account you will be using these express business deposit bags to deposit into
    2. if the account hasn’t been used for express business deposit’s before
    3. the number of packets of bags you require (50 deposit bags to a packet)
    4.  the address to send them to.

Do I need to complete the online form on the same day I visit the branch with the new deposit bag?

  • The online deposit form is valid for 29 business days, which means you have 29 business days to drop the deposit bag off at a collection point.
  • After 29 days, the form will expire.
  • Remember that you will only be able to use the new cash only deposit bags with an online deposit form.
Can I share my new deposit bags with another organisation?
  • The new deposit bags are allocated and linked to an individual  customer number, so cannot be shared across different entities or organisations, as this will result in an error when submitting the online deposit form.

What about the existing deposit bags which I’m currently using? 

  • NAB will accept the existing deposit bags and paper deposit slips until 31 July 2022. However, only cash can be placed in the existing bags from 4 April 2022.

I have some existing deposit bags but no more deposit slips, what should I do? 

  • If you haven’t used up all of your old deposit bags by the changeover date (31 July 2022), you can drop your old bags off at your local NAB branch to be recycled.

What about cheques? Where do I deposit these?

  • NAB recommends using the Express Cheque Deposit service to deposit cheques. You can find Express Cheque Deposit envelopes and instructions at your local branch. Envelopes can be deposited into a Business Deposit Machine, Business Express Machine or Express Business Deposit chute at any NAB branch.

Why are these changes being imposed?

These cheque and cash deposit changes will assist in:

  • providing a safer and more secure digital express business deposit service
  • creating a more efficient deposit process
  • reducing errors and discrepancies by automatically calculating cash totals
  • decreasing the environmental footprint through less paper and plastic usage.

Where can I get more information?

  • If you have any questions regarding the upcoming cash and cheque deposit changes, please contact your CDF Relationship Manager or our Customer Service team at or call 1800 134 135.


Watch the NAB Express Business Deposit changes summary video: